The Invisible Gender Line of Sunglasses

Whether it be a rapper wearing Chanel swarovski encrusted sunglasses or Lady GaGa donning mickey mouse sunglasses, we see everyday the risk both males and females take in fashion and in this case, the sunglasses they choose to wear. We have made such an advancement in todays 21st century when it comes to what we wear and how we choose to distinguish ourselves from everyone else. With so many unique kinds of sunglasses especially by Jeremy Scott, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, etc., it amazes me that people discriminate who can wear what. I personally believe the sunglasses we wear should be androgynous becuase it ultimately does not define the kind of person we are. Being the unique individuals that we all are, it’s important to realize that there is no gender marked or labeled on the sunglasses you choose to wear. After all, what are sunglasses? They are simply all a derivation of plastic. Plastic obviously has no gender. Why is it when someone chooses to be different and wear something innovative and unique, society goes ape shit? Fight the norm and break the social standard. You are all free people wear what you want! When you are in crowd and people are staring at you, it’s not because they are shocked, it’s because they are envious they lack the confidence you are wearing on your face. Embrace the plastic, embrace your shades!



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