My 2010 Style Icon Picks: Male & Female

 Kanye West 

Kanye West performs at the Video Music Awards on September 12, 2010

Its certainly no suprise that Kanye West has played a significant role in popular culture these days. I choose Kanye West as 2010’s style icon because he has been a revolutionary in the field of fashion, never is he afraid to choose leather jeans and wool blazers over the conventional sweat pants, nor is he afraid to be relentless in art when it comes to the cover work of his latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Society needs more people like Mr. West. Avant-garde is in his blood.

Lady GaGa


There is so much more to Lady GaGa than her sledge-hammering dance beats and power-pop voice. She is a style icon not only for the past two years but also for the futurue generation of our society. People were shocked to see GaGa wearing nothing but meat and go go boots to the VMA’s but its her not-so-subtle street style that takes the cake. Whether it be sequins, a thong made of lace all by itself, her vintage Gaultier sunglasss, or a robe made of nothing but vibrant feathers, Lady GaGa has been able to effectively communicate to her audience by wearing fashion with purpose. She is pop culture and glitter runs through her veins.



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