Cristiano Ronaldo Decked in Gucci


It’s not always that easy to find a male celebrity who can set trends without typically relying on a stylist all the time. Futbol extraordinare Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have everything going for him including his own individual style. In this photo he is wearing a few pieces from one his favorite brands, Gucci. The jacket which has been photographed quite frequently on the backs of multiple celebs is the Gucci Vintage Brown Bomber Jacket ($3,775). Next is the G buckle belt ($295) featuring Gucci’s iconic mongoram print. And finally, my favorite piece he’s wearing is the monogram high top sneakers which I have been dying for, for quite some time ($670).  I really respect the overall look put together because it doesnt scream “look at me! Im wearing so much Gucci that your eys will dilate!” Its mixed with solid colors to create a neutral aura that is amazing for any occassion. Bravo!


The shoe


The infamous Jacket



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