Music Influencing Fashion

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you feel like you have everything planned out? You know what you have to do tomorrow? What you will most likely end up wearing? The way you will think? The mood you will be in? I was just like that and suddenly everything changed when a song clip, I swear for just 2 seconds came on the television, with the lyrics begging “Dont let me fall” and then *BAM in a an instant my perception and tomorrows fashion has been altered. From washed out jeans and a cardigan, I saw myself wearing all black. Black V-neck, Shorts, leather jacket, high top shoes all black and leather! I could’nt believe it. I find black to be such an expressive color, a product of emotion, a symbol of ambition, and striking boldness. Music is so beautiful and revolutionary; to have such visions come to mind after hearing a few seconds of artistic expression really made me realize how influential and power the arts truly are and, most importantly, the power of vision and truth that transpires into one’s craft as a result. Live it, breathe it, embrace it! Tomorrow is as much yours as today was.


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