My Latest Purchase!


Hey Guys! So I know its been a while since I last posted my “latest purchase” but I promise to keep more up to date with it! Iv’e been on the hunt for this watch lately being that I was in Las Vegas just a few days ago and the swatch store there was completely sold out of this watch BUT today after finallly recieving the phone call from Swatch that they just recieved a new shipment of the Jeremy Scott special edition watches, I jumped with joy into my car and drove to the store to finally pick it up! Its only $70 and it also comes with a few perks. Its water resistant, the wings are detachable so you can always wear it for different occassions (But then again why would you take the wings off? :P), and its light weight and adjustable. I personally love it because I have the matching adidas sneakers to go with it :B. Maybe a some negatives about the watch is that as far as functionality is concerned, its more of a watch for “looks” and aesthetics than actually functioning practicality being that there are no numbers on the face to tell “exact time.” Also, if I bend my hand, the wings occassionaly fall off + its plastic so it might make your wrist a bit sweaty in the heat. But aside from it all, I think you get your money’s worth from this. Happy shopping!


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