Did You Go to Versace for H&M?

For the past few days I’ve kept asking myself: what is it about the clothes you like?  is it really worth it to wake up so damn early in the morning? are you willing to wait in line for hours? what’s the strategy? will you fight for fashion? I was only able to answer yes to a few of the above questions until the night before actually came and I miraculously said yes to all.

It was a nightmare at the mall. I woke up at 2:30 am and arrived there around 3:00am. The masses had already gathered while security  kept telling people to leave the premises until 4.

Strategically, we lingered in the parking lot and 4 o’clock suddenly came with a dashing crowd of hundreds running for a spot in line. Of course fights broke out, profanity was yelled back and forth and allegedly a woman “twisted her ankle” which permitted her to go in front of the line. She was lying.

Though the store claimed to be organized with bracelets, it was a pathetic excuse. The doors opened at 8 and everyone ran for dear life to grab or simply touch just anything, anything and everything!

Of course anything of leather, sequins, and leopard print was the first to go. People kept grabbing and even had the nerve to sell their items to other customers for double the price before they even purchased it.

Staff was decent for the most part. The manager, some toothpick giraffe with blonde hair and stick up his ass, was anything but professional as he hid behind his blackberry and tacky eyeglasses instead of tending to others. He clearly was incapable of managing anything including his seven year old bratty girl attitude. Maybe he thought he was on an episode of a tacky reality show where snotty girls incessantly bitch about themselves?

In the end, people bought everything, and the store was cleared in about 30 minutes. I managed to secure a few purchases that I really liked but I was unable to leave without getting that bitter aftertaste out of mouth from everything I went through. I don think I’ll ever do this again but I can say that I loved what I got.

Idiots will be idiots but many others will be Versace glam… even those unfortunately rude and moronic who managed to get something at the expense of hurting others. But that’s America, what can we do?


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