Word Vomit.

We live in a society where the voice wants to be linked to an ear, where cool is the artificial, a place that celebrates the psycho and foots the bill for the pop-jackass. A habitation that honors stupidity, a place where attention is as abundant as the truth found in a bottle of liquor. Where the misfit is the emerging norm and the singular individual is begging God for a shot of insanity just so they too can wear black and cry, not for HIM, but the absurd. “Smart” is now just a ten letter word and Fuck is the future of poetry. Literature is just that and Vegas will always be a dream burning in the back of the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic. The days are deceptively true and so is the air we breathe. False ambition is what we ask for from the waitress but a tax incentive is the return. You cannot scream, and if you dare to dream then be prepared to swallow. Society- society… shit fuck, tomorrow.


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