Recent Fashion Cravings…

It seems the fashion world is going through a lot in renovation right now in terms of reintegrating the conventions of personal style. For instance, jeans have always been a normative currency of style, but these days it seems as though jeans are no longer just “jeans” – they’re also indicative of personality. Grip, fit, fade effect? It’s your preference! What I’m essentially getting at is that with more availability of options, fashion is taking a more pivotal role of being a language of its own. Your clothes are the first thing people see before a person hears your voice or shakes your hand. What people see is surely, now, a foundational marker of the man or woman they are about to acknowledge.

Needless to say, here are a few favorite picks of my own that are quite common yet so telling if YOU do it correctly in your own way:


Kanye West for A.P.C  – Slim fit Jeans – (Simple, Classic and Complimentary)


Vintage Gianni Versace tie – Yellow with strokes of leopard – (Unique with an edge)


Gucci Studded Loafer – A rebellious yet modern take on the classic Horsebit Loafer – (This is personality right here)


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