Diesel Black Gold Mens Resort 2015 Collection



Italian fashion house Diesel just released their Black Gold look book for a highly captivating 2015 Resort collection. It feels quite reminiscent of the Saint Laurent’s blazers and Balmain’s graphic prints but then again those are both two  aesthetics that have redefined the modern standard of men’s fashion. But don’t be misled, Diesel has always been a bold statement of its own that uniquely appeals to a younger crowd. Great work.

Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-001-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-012-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-018 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-008-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-003-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-017 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-004-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-010-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-006-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-007-800x1199 Diesel-Black-Gold-Men-Resort-2015-013-800x1199


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