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“The Birth of modern Luxury” by Louis Vuitton



Quote Of The Day

“After the war and the austerity years, the means to control how you were seen were newly available to the young.  And so was the ability to distinguish yourself visually from your parents.  From the Teddy Boys in the Fifties to the Mods and Rockers who took over, and on to the mini-skirted dollybirds of the mid-Sixties and the diaphanous hippies of the later Sixties, many more young people than ever before had, for various reasons, enough money to pay for dramatic self-definition.”

 Jenny Diski, The Sixties

Let the last sentence resonate with you, it goes beyond the sixties era and even past today’s day… (excerpt via Susie Bubble)

Bottega Veneta Book

Rizzoli publishing company is releasing a new book this coming October written by creative director of Bottega Veneta  Tomas Maier titled: Bottega Veneta.

“The first monograph on the luxury house Bottega Veneta, renowned for its superb craftsmanship and understated, no-logo elegance. Bottega Veneta’s illustrious history reaches back to a time when the brand was known primarily for its soft, handcrafted leather handbags. Today, the house is renowned not only for its coveted leather goods but also for a remarkable range of luxury products. Now, as then, the brand stands for the discreet sophistication and refined individuality captured in its famous line, “When your own initials are enough.” This beautifully designed monograph, the first book to explore the world of Bottega Veneta, is the rich result of a collaborative effort between creative director Tomas Maier, designer Sam Shahid, and many of today’s leading lights of fashion journalism. With luxury craftsmanship at its core, Bottega Veneta is an illustrative tour de force through the materials, artisanship, and extraordinary products that have made the Italian label one of the most eminent luxury goods houses. Tomas Maier’s understated design sensibility, a mixture of restraint and passion, has become the hallmark of the Bottega Veneta brand. This is the ultimate volume for the true connoisseur of luxury handcraftsmanship.”

Louis Vuitton “100 Legendary Trunks” iPad App


now available on itunes!

My Latest Book Order: Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson


If you have not already heard, you must be living under a rock or have a disdain for pop culture, but Lady Gaga is set to release a new coffee table book with famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson. It’s set to be released this week and I can assure you it’s as glorious as the subject of the photos. Its candid, uncensored, and very Gaga. There’s only one day left to pre-order it from Amazon for half off, so don’t delay! I know I sound like a cheesy infomercial, but trust me… these are words from the heart. haha.